I Promise – One Day You’ll Find A Man Who Will Love You Just The Way You Are

Don’t despair.

I know you’ve dated guys who didn’t accept and cherish you for who you were. Guys who made you pretend to be someone you were not. Guys who always found something bad about the way you talked, laughed, dressed, and behaved, and criticized you for it. Guys who never tried to see your good qualities. Your strength. Your soul. Both your outer and inner beauty.

But don’t despair. Because I promise you – one day you’ll find a man who will love you just the way you are.

One day you won’t have to ask yourself whether you should text him or whether he’ll like your new haircut. You won’t have to wonder if he thinks you’re too sensitive, needy, or clingy. You won’t have to doubt your every move. Your feelings. Your thoughts. Your decisions. Your actions.

One day you’ll just be yourself.

Because this man will love you just the way you are.

This man will see and cherish you for who you are. He will understand you. He’ll be genuinely interested in your opinions. In your likes and dislikes.

He will know all your annoying habits, quirks, insecurities, and fears, but he’ll never criticize and belittle you because of them.

He’ll never call you “too emotional,” “crazy,” or “paranoid” when your anxiety or sadness reaches its peak.

He’ll never call you “overly sensitive” or “jealous” when you want to complain to him about your new co-worker.

This man will know all your dark secrets, mistakes, and failures, but he’ll never use them against you. He’ll know all your imperfections, but he’ll never make you feel like you’re less smart, less beautiful, less desirable, or less important because of them.

He won’t expect you to change who you are and pretend to be someone you are not. He won’t make you feel ashamed of your flaws.

To this man, you’ll be perfect just the way you are.

One day you’ll find a man who will love and respect you no matter how different your opinions, likes, interests, and goals are from his.

He won’t bother that you don’t like watching football or that you snooze your alarm 5 times in the morning.

He won’t mind that you like spending Saturday nights at home watching movies on Netflix rather than going out to clubs.

One day you’ll find a man who won’t make you feel like you have to compare yourself with other women. Because he’ll make his love for you known. He won’t make you question his feelings for you or where you stand with him.

He’ll let you know that you mean the world to him.

One day you’ll find a man who will make you feel free and comfortable to be yourself. A man who will recognize and value your individuality and genuineness. A man who will adore your craziness. A man you won’t have to impress because he’ll know how amazing you are.

One day you’ll find a man who will love you just the way you are!